Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Welcome to my life lessons so far. I thought it was only apt that I introduce the blog properly and explain what it's all about. I have very nearly finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I received this book as a Christmas present, and to be honest, it has been right up my street. I have a love for these 'self-help/memoir' style books, that essentially guide people to appreciate life more. However, I loathe the title of this genre; 'self-help', or more I hate the connotations attached with it. If you tell someone you enjoy reading self-help books, they'll look at you like you're either depressed or crazy; which I am neither, I hope. I just simply enjoy reading them, because to be honest, they do help me appreciate life in small manners.

The Happiness Project is an account of the author's dealings with 'happiness' and trying to improve it, over 12 months. She has a good job, nice apartment, loving family, happy marriage, two daughters, and plenty of friends; so on the surface, someone may wonder why on earth she is searching for extra happiness. Well in fact, Rubin was more trying to appreciate the existing happiness in her normal life, which is why I think I have loved this book. Each month she sets herself a topic for the month, and them some goals to try and carry out throughout the month. Throughout reading this book, ideas for my own blog have been swimming around my mind. Ideas to share things I've learnt in life so far; not necessarily to preach at people or council them, not at all. More for a personal outlet of an account of things I've learnt, and learnt from, for myself to look back on. 

Instead of setting goals each month for myself, I have decided that I will focus on one topic, or lesson, each week in a blog post. These posts will reflect on things I have learnt so far in life, from trial and error, through various experiences, from meeting all kinds of people; as a self reflection for myself. This is a little project for myself, with no rigid deadlines or end time. However, I am going to try and post each week with a new topic; sometimes it's nice to have a little structure. Let's see how this goes. 

And so it commences...

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